So, this be me!

So, this be me!

This is me, back in March, when I bought my hunger games tickets! Yes, as you can tell, I’m a big HG fan! #NoHate 😉


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December 20, 2012 · 9:34 pm

One response to “So, this be me!

  1. U may be a big HG fan, but I’m a much bigger one (265 pounds), in fact you don’t look big at all, you r in great shape. I loved your post, and I loved the movie Hunger Games, maybe because I remember when they still had “reapings” in America, they called it the draft. I was in high school in the Vietnam war and worried i might get drafted, so this post and the movie seemed rather intense to me. For hundreds of years children have been going off to war. My dad joined the army when he was 17, he lied about his age and they didn’t care. In many countries male children much younger than 18 join the army, fight and die. Of course, men are worthless in our world, so as long as they are boys or men, it doesn’t matter if they die.
    I’m sure I will enjoy Catching Fire (if it comes out in a movie, not me actually getting on fire)

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