The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Time Traveler’s Wife, is a book by Audrey Niffenegger, and was also made into a movie in 2009, which stars Rachel McAdams as Clare and Eric Bana as Henry.


Last Monday,when I went thrift shopping (as mentioned in my previous post) I bought The Time Traveler’s Wife book for only a few dollars. TTTW, is on my to-read list this summer, so I thought instead of borrowing it from the local library, I’d just buy it.

So last night when I had nothing to-do I decided to watch TTTW movie. At first I found it confusing (even though I’d seen it before), just thinking about Time Travel made my brain hurt, but by the end of the movie, though I was an emotional wreck, I completely understood the movie.

AM:TP final

This next part may contain spoilers.

But anyway, the book is about Henry, a time traveler. He ‘suffers from a rare condition where his genetic clock periodically resets and he finds himself pulled suddenly into his past or future.’
Henry, first time traveled when he was six. He was in a car crash with his mum. His mum died in the car, but Henry escaped by time travelling. For the rest of his life Henry is time traveling, uncontrollably at random and awkward times. So basically, one moment he will be cooking dinner in 1995, and then he’ll wake up, naked, (yes, his clothes can’t time travel), in 1973.

But the real story is the love story of Henry and Clare. When they first meet (and this is where I got confused), Clare is six years old and Henry is a future version of himself, and thirty-six years old. They meet periodically over the next twelve years, until she is eighteen. Then, they meet again, in real time, when Clare is twenty and Henry is twenty-eight. Yet, Henry doesn’t remember Clare, because only his older self has met her. Confusing, right?

Well, the good thing about the movie, is that the longer you watch it, the more you understand. But don’t worry, the movie isn’t a Sci-Fi genre (if you don’t like that sort of thing), I would say it’s more of a romantic drama. The main plot is Henry and Clare’s struggle with marriage, as they both try to live normal lives.

The movie, has a unique plot, and is moving (the end brought me to tears), and the characters, I believe are well portrayed by excellent actors. Rachel McAdams, is one of my favourite actors, she’s so fetch!

So far, I am 159 pages into the book, but I’mglad that I watched the movie first. If you are looking for a book to read this Christmas break, or a flick to watch, I recommend The Time Traveler’s Wife, for everyone!



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2 responses to “The Time Traveler’s Wife

  1. have to say…i cried too! both times i watched it šŸ™‚

  2. I think this is a real great article.Really thank you! Will read on…

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