How do I celebrate Christmas?

Well, let’s see. Christmas, is my absolute, hands down, favourite time of the year. I just love everything about it. The anticipation in the days leading up to it, counting down on your chocolate advent calendars. I love waking up early, sneaking out to look at your presents, all wrapped up before everyone else is up and you get to open them. Setting up all my christmas cards and presents in my room, showing off to everyone else what you got. Spending time with my family, and cousins, and grand parents, and aunts and uncles. The big christmas lunch with the whole family. Everyone laughing and talking.



I love that here in Australia, it’s during the summer holidays, so not only is it hot and sunny but it’s during the big 6 week school break. There’s things I don’t like about it too; like the fact that once it’s over, you have to wait a whole year until it comes round again. And every year there’s always at least one fight among my family.


But exactly how do I celebrate Christmas?


Today/ Saturday December 22nd~

Today, my nan came over. Christmas Day is celebrated at my house, but nan organises all the food. So today she came over, and brought all the food she made/bought for Xmas day. I was the only one home when she came, so we had to bring it all in from her car, check it all off on her list, to make sure she’d brought it all, and then put it away. We also have to finish cleaning the house. Yesterday, I vacuumed, but today I have to wash my sheets, towels and clean my shower- another thing I hate about Christmas.

Tonight, after dinner, we will most likely watch the Christmas Carols that are on TV.

Sunday December 23rd~

Today, we will finish cleaning the house, if it hasn’t been done. I will most likely read, or talk to my friends. And I will probably listen to Christmas Carols. Late afternoon, the local CFA fire truckcomes around with ‘Santa’, and he gives out lollies, and asks what you want for Xmas. After dinner, I will most likely watch ‘The Polar Express’, this awesome Christmas Movie, that I watch every year. It’s a cartoon, but I love it! I might even do a movie review on it once I watch it!

Christmas Eve/ Monday December 24th~

Today will be busy. My nan will come over around 10, to start peeling vegetables, and getting all the food ready for tomorrow. We’ll also have to do all the last minute tidying. I will probably wear my Christmas top, and sing Christmas carols! Then once that’s all done, around 5, we’re going to my family friend’s house to do Christmas with them! Then we’ll go home, and leave milk & cookies for Santa, and -try to- go to bed early.

Christmas Day/ Tuesday December 25th~

Christmas Day, will be super fun, yay! Will open presents, play with presents, have fun, eat, etcetera, etceteras… ^ think I described it in my first paragraph, so lalalalalala, ‘Tis the season to be jolly! 😀

Happy Holidays!

Rach, x



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