My Top 10 TV Shows of 2012

For Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge Wrap It Up, I decided to bring you my Top Ten TV Shows of 2012. I’ll be the first to admit, I spent the better part of this year with my eyes glued to my laptop watching whole seasons of TV shows in a matter of days. Or if I wasn’t on my computer, I was eagerly awaiting the new episode of Revenge or Winners and Losers. Considering my parents think Foxtel is a waste of money, most of the TV shows I watch, I have to wait for the whole season to come out on DVD, before I devour it quickly.

But anyway, here is my Top Ten TV shows of 2012:

10. Modern Family~ Yes, this show deserves to be on my top ten because I will admit, it makes me laugh every time. All of the characters are funny, and have their good and bad moments. I spent a few weeks watching the first two seasons, laughing quietly to myself, holed up in my room, which probably isn’t healthy. Must watch if you love a good laugh! Can’t wait until I get my hands on Season Three!


9. Puberty Blues~ This is an aussie drama, based in the 1970s, and on the movie of the same name. It’s about two teenage best friends Debbie (played by Tomorrow When The War Began’s  Ashleigh Cummings) and Sue (Brenna Harding), as they progess through the coming-of-age process. It’s awkward and funny, but I loved it! The first season of the ‘mini-series’ has eight episodes, but a second season had been confirmed for 2013.


8. Keeping Up With The Kardashians~ Yes, okay, when my friend first convinced me to watch this, I was a bit skeptical. All I knew of the Kardashians, was that Kim’s marriage had ended after 72 days. But, shamefully, I watched the first six seasons, in less than a month, and absolutely loved them. It has drama, and gossip, but at the same time is a reality show, and this is about real people! I had favourites and people I hated (which changed every episode) just like any other TV show. If you’re into those reality shows, go watch it!


7. How I Met Your Mother~ I’d seen this show a few times on TV, but never really got into it, until my friend gave it to me on a USB, and watched a few episodes, and discovered I actually might like this show. Almost five seasons later, here I am, still loving it, and dying to find out who this mother is, and whether Robin and Barney become a real couple. (No Spoilers xD)


6. Revenge~ When this first started advertising, I was super excited. The ads were awesome, and had a cool theme song, which I downloaded before I even watchedthe show (Paradise by Coldplay!) The show was tense, and drama filled, and was mega-awesome. And it’s the only show on my list where I actually watched it on a real TV, weekly (although I bought it as well to re-watch). Only the first season has aired in Australia, although the second season is airing in 2013, which I am highly anticipating!


5. Skins (UK)~ So I first got into this show when I won a book prize. It included 10 books, including Skins the Novel. I read it, and even though it’s super bad and should be rated like MA15+ I enjoyed it. And not just the ‘sexy’ stuff, but the characters, and everything. And then one of my friends bought the first four seasons on DVD. I had to watch it. So the first two seasons are not the charcters from the book, but after getting to know them better, I loved them, and even cried in some parts. Season 3 and 4 are a new generation, and these are the characters from the book. The ending of S4 was horrible, and unresolved. Season 5, will not resolve it because they are bringing in new characters again. And after S5 & 6, which I am yet to watch, they are making a final season 7, which will be bringing back old characters, which is super exciting!


4. Game of Thrones~ I’m surprised they air this on TV with the nudity and language, but secretly I’m glad they do because it is amazing. The characters are awesome, screen even thoughI hate them half the time, and yell stupidly at my at them. The plot is deep and dark, and mean half the time (killing of my favourite characters, making me pick new ones!) but it’s interesting, and I am eagerly awaiting Season 3!


3. One Tree Hill~ No matter what, OTH (in fact the top 3) will always be one of my favourite TV shows. Even though after 9 incredible seasons it has finished, it will always remain in my heart. One Tree Hill Season 1, is about two half-brothers, who hate each other, Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty). Lucas was brought up by him mum Karen, and his Uncle Keith, and is nice and good, and enjoys playing Basket Ball with his mates on the river court. Nathan was brought up by their father Dan Scott, and his mother Deb. Nathan is rich and arrogant, and captain of the Ravens Basketball Team. But when Lucas, decided to join the Basketball team and befriend Nathan’s girlfriend, Peyton, the brothers are forced to interact with each other. The first four seasons focus on their high school life. And then the rest are about their adult life, and there joys and struggles. It is actually so amazing, and I cannot wait to re-watchthem again!


2. Gossip Girl~ This show is scandalous and sexy and hot, and full of so much drama! I recently watched Season 5, and oh my god! The sixth and final season has just finished airing, and will be out on DVD in Feb 2013. It stars Blake Lively, Chace Crawford, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick and Penn Badgley.


1. Supernatural~ This show is about two (hot) brothers Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) who travel around the country side fighting monsters and demons, while looking hawt doing it! But don’t worry it’s not scary, and it’s not all about monsters. It’s also about the brothers relationships, and their ownpersonal struggles, like going to hell and all. I only found out about this show back in July, and have been watching the shows non-stop. It’s really unhealthy actually. But don’t worry, I usually multi-task while watching it. Season 8 recently started airing!


So these are my top ten shows of 2012. Do you agree? What else would be on your list? Comment below. And BTW, runners up include Home and Away, Winners and Losers (Both Australian TV series’) and Community! 😀

Rach, x




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6 responses to “My Top 10 TV Shows of 2012

  1. Modern Family is the best. I used to watch Skins as well. Glad to hear they are bringing back some of the original characters.

    • Yes, I’m very excited for the return of past characters. The first generation characters will always have a soft spot in my heart. I’m hoping that we get a bit of closure for the second generation. The end of season four was terrible. Only half of the characters got a proper ending. Thanks for the comment, it’s always interesting to hear other people’s views. Rach, x

  2. The writers of shows like Skins do such a great job bringing in the viewer as if we are some how vested in the outcome of the characters. Then it is a greater letdown when they seem to drop the ball and have an anti-climatic ending. You are left thinking, “Really?” and wondering at what point you became so emotionally attached to characters – figments of someone else’s imagination.

    • My thoughts exactly. I found that the first two seasons were much better than the rest. The end of season one, made you want to watch the second one to see what happened. I liked the end of season 2. Things were resolved, and some things were left open, so you could ponder what would happen and interpret it in your own way.
      The end of season 3 It focused on the love triangle between Cook, Effie and Eddie, which wasn’t resolved in the finale, and was hardly talked about in the next season. Season four ending was a fail on the writers part. It was rushed and random. I was frustrated that we didn’t find out what happened. Hopefully the third generation will be better.
      And on your point of getting emotionally attached? Your completely right. I start watching a TV show and half way through the season I’m crying, and feeling their pain. Rach, x.

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