5 Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2013

Today is the day of the new year. The 1st of January 2013. And I think that this year will be a fantastic one! So, here are the five things I’m looking forward to this year!

1. The Movies that are being released in cinemas this year!

Yes, there are many movies I’m looking forward to watching this year, most of them being books turned into movies. The first is ‘The Host’, based on the novel by Stephanie Meyer. It’s being released on March 28th, which also happens to be my b’day, so I’m pretty excited about that! Then in August, ‘City of Bones’, is released. This movie is based on the book by Cassandra Clare of the same name. City of Bones is the first book in the Mortal Instruments series. Another movie, which I am probably most excited by is Catching Fire, based on the second book in The Hunger Games Trilogy, by Suzanne Collins. I also heard that there will be another Romeo and Juliet adaption released in cinemas next year. I believe the release date is sometime in February, although I’m not sure whether it will be coming to my cinema. But hopefully it does because it stars Ed Westwick (Chuck off Gossip Girl)!

2. Friends!

I’m pretty excited, because one of my friends is coming back to my school, which is cool. So now my little gang, of who I hang out with will be all back together again. Plus, last year I made new friends, which is good, so I’m hoping this year I will keep those friendships and branch out and make new ones!

3. The books and DVDs being released this year!

OMG. Okay so first DVDs: well first DVDs of the above movies will be coming out, so I can’t wait to buy those, but also Gossip Girl Season 6 (the final season which I haven’t seen yet because I don’t have foxtel) is coming out on DVD is February, so that’s gonna be super exciting!

Now Books! January~ A Shadowhunter’s and Downworlders Reader is a book by various authors, that is relating to the Mortal Instruments series, which comes out the end of this month! February~ The Indigo Spell, the third book in the Bloodlines series, by Richelle Mead. March~ Clockwork Princess will be released. It’s the third and final book in the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. November~ The Shadowhunter’s Codex. A guide to shadowhunters, by Cassandra Clare.

4. The Classes I’m taking at school! 

I’m actually pretty excited about the classes I’m taking this year at school. But the one I’m looking forward to the most is one of my english electives, Writing for Publication. It has a good teacher and we spend the whole semester writing and reading. It should be fun!

5. My Birthday!

I’m turning 15 in March this year, and I’m excited because The Host Movie is coming out on my birthday.  And I also know a few things that I’m getting from my parents, so it should be a good birthday.

So here’s hoping 2013, will be a great year!


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