House at the End of the Street ~ Movie Review

Last week I purchased the House at the End of the Street movie on DVD. It’s a horror film, which I enjoy although I’m terrible at watching them. But the main reason I wanted to see this movie is because it stars Jennifer Lawrence (award-winning actress, from The Hunger Games and Silver Lining’s Playbook). I watched the trailer and it looked pretty good. So, I decided that I could suffer through 100 minutes for the sake of seeing J-Law act. And it was worth it. Last night I watched the movie with my mum and a family friend, and I really enjoyed it.


The Story:

The main plot of the story is Elissa (J-Law) and her mother, Sarah, move into a new house. Four years ago there was a double murder, where two parents were killed by their 13 year old daughter. The daughter escaped into the forest and was never seen again. Now the older brother, Ryan (who was living with his aunt at the time of the murders), lives in old house. And when Elissa befriends, Ryan, her mother is worried.

The plot is interesting, and with a twist. It’s not overly scary, there was only a few times where I had to shut my eyes (but maybe thats just me).

The cast plays the rolls very well, especially Jennifer Lawrence, who was super bad-ass in this movie.

I recommend that you all go see this film. It has a MPAA rating of PG-13.

Rach, x



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