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Katniss vs. Merida

How did I spend my Saturday night?  Curled up in my room, with some chocolates and the 2012 movie, ‘Brave’. Yes, see I wanted to watch the movie for myself, and see the similarities between the main character Merida, and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. Having watched both movies now I can see that there are both some major similarities, and major differences between the two stories.


The major difference between them is the plot. Brave is about a young woman named Merida, who is a princess to a castle. She loves to spend her time in the woods, with her bow and arrow, and her horse Angus. Yet her mother wants her to be a proper princess. They hold an archery competition among the four clans’ eldest children. The three men compete, but Merida, joins in claiming she is the eldest child of the fourth clan, and is competing for her own hand in marriage. She wins of course, being extremely talented in archery, but her mother is terribly embarrassed. After a heated argument with her mother, Merida escapes into the forest with her trusty horse, and stumbles upon a witch’s cottage. And not to spoil the rest of the movie for you, I will just quote Wikipedia, “In the film, set in the Scottish Highlands, a skilled archer named Merida defies an age-old custom, causing chaos in her kingdom. After consulting a witch for help, Merida accidentally curses her family and is forced to undo the spell herself before it is too late.”

Whereas the plot of ‘The Hunger Games’, is completely different. 24 kids thrown into an arena to fight to the death against each other. Being a big Hunger Games fan I obviously prefer it to Brave, but I will agree there are many similarities between the two.

Some things that were similar between the two movies include the fact that both Katniss and Merida feel most comfortable in the forest. They both are also very skilled with a bow and arrow. They are both rebellious, and neither of them have a particularly close relationship with their mother (although this changes). Both hate dressing up, Katniss at the capitol in the fancy dresses, and Merida with the dresses her mother wants her to wear. They both compete in ‘games’ although the circumstances are very different. Katniss volunteers to compete in The Hunger Games, in place of her sister. Merida competes in an archery competition, winning her own hand in marriage, to avoid marrying one of the men. Although, the Brave ‘games’ are much more festive and celebrated, though this could be seen as the capitol. They are both very resourceful. Katniss demonstrated this in supplying food for her family, and in her time in The Hunger Games. Merida indicated this when her mother and her were living in the forest. And another example of a similarity between the two movies, is the presence of a deadly berry called ‘nightshade’ in Brave and ‘night lock’ in The Hunger Games.

While the plot and characters of ‘Brave’ and ‘The Hunger Games’ are completely different, there are many similarities between the two movies, and their main characters. If you haven’t seen these movies, I recommend you watch them both, and make your own comparisons. Comment on your own thoughts!

Rach, x



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The Truth About Admining a Facebook Fan Page

Nine months ago, May 2012, I was at a sleepover at one of my good friends house. We are both huge The Hunger Games fans, and one of us -it might have been me- suggested we make a Hunger Games fan page. We both loved the idea, and spent ages pouring over the first book, looking for the perfect quote. Eventually we decided, and our page was officially created. “She has no idea. The effect she can have” – The Hunger Games.


I remember we spent hours posting things and asking for ‘promos’ on other pages. By the time we went to bed we had 30 likes on our page, and we were so excited. We didn’t realise what we’d gotten ourselves into. I’m not gonna be blunt – admining a fan page is hard work. For six months it was just me & my friend, asking for promos, sharing other pages, making statuses, posting photos. It was hard work. A promo by the way, you might have seen, is where one page will post on another page, “Hi there, promo for promo?” Basically you share there page, and they’ll share yours. A share for a share. It became harder to find new content. You have to be a good page. Posting at least once a day, doing promos every now and then when you (or another page) asks, so you get more likers. But then you can’t post stuff you’ve already posted, or steal something from another page without crediting them and you have to keep it HG related most of the time. After six months, in about November 2012, when we had only 300 likes, my friend and I opened an admin contest. We chose four trial admins, and three of those we’re taken on board, and are still with us today, three months later where we have 1145 likes!

But don’t get me wrong. Being a Facebook admin can be good fun. You have this power – being able to reach out and talk to people from all over the planet, bringing Hunger Games fans together. It’s great. And of course it doesn’t have to be HG. You could make a Harry Potter, or Divergent or The Host or Game of Thrones fan page. Or whatever page you want. It doesn’t even have to be a fandom page.  If you’re thinking about creating a FB page, just remember that it can be a big commitment, and you have to be prepared and able to post regularly otherwise your fans won’t be impressed. And you don’t have to have more than one person to make a page (although it will certainly make it easier). Or if you don’t want to have the hassle of making the page from scratch, look out for pages that are running admin contest, and enter! You never know, you might win!

And please, if you are a Hunger Games fan and have the time, please go check out my page, and maybe even like it? It would mean the word to me and my fellow admins! And if you do like a lot of pages and they post content, like or comment on it. It means the world to us admins, so don’t be scared. There’s nothing better than having people like or comment on your statuses and photos! Thanks on behalf of the admins 😀

Check out my page >>>

Rach, x


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The Top 3 Highlights of My Weekend

I know what your thinking ‘Why is she posting twice in one day?’ I’ll admit it’s unusual; most of the time I post a couple of times a week, if I have the time. But I was just thinking how happy I was, and how many good things have happened this weekend, that I wanted to share. And I know, I usually post my highlights on a Friday, but I can’t wait until the end of the week.

  1. Downton Abbey: Earlier this week I saw an ad on TV, advertising that Downton Abbey Season Three starts on Sunday. So in a mad rush I watched the first two seasons in a few days. And it was amazing! I love Downton. I love the cast, the stories, the era that it’s set in. In fact we were just learning about WWI, in my history class this week. And yes I know S3 has already aired overseas, but in Australia, S3 starts airingat 8:30pm, and I’m super excited so no spoilers please!


  2. My awesome dream: Last night I had the best dream. I was engaged to Matthew Crawley (played by Dan Stevens) from Downton Abbey. Matthew is played by Dan Stevens. It was beautiful. But… I can’t remember exactly what happened in it, I just remember he was so cute, and at one point we were dancing, and it was magical. And then I woke up and reality came crashing down, and it was a sad moment. I’ve become so obsessed with Downton ATM, that I’m dreaming about it too. Oh my.


  3. Warm Bodies: Today there was something on my FB news feed about Warm Bodies. A book by Isaac Marion that has been adapted for the big screen by Jonathan Levine. It was released in America and other places recently, but unfortunately it’s Australian release date is not to April. However this gives me time to read the book before I go see the film, considering I’m going to ask for the book for my birthday in March. Warm Bodies, is a ‘paranormal romantic zombie comedy film’. It’s about R (played by Nicholas Hoult), a zombie who doesn’t remember his past life, and is different from this fellow undead friends because he doesn’t enjoy eating people. But then he falls in love with a human, Julie (Teresa Palmer). And slowly he becomes warmer, and more human. The trailer looks absolutely awesome, and I am very excited to see this movie!


    Rach, x


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The Help ~ Movie Review

The Help is a story full of racism and discrimination. It’s a 2011 movie directed by Tate Taylor and based on the novel of the same name by Kathryn Stockett.

It stars Emma Stone, as 22 year old Skeeter. She’s returned to Mississippi, after graduating from school, with dreams to become a successful writer. She gets a job at the local news paper, but her mother (Allison Janney) isn’t happy. She just wants Skeeter to find a man and get married. But Skeeter isn’t interested. Instead she gets an idea that could put herself and the people involved in danger.


Then there’s Aibileen (Viola Davis), a coloured woman who works as a house maid for a white family with a young daughter that they have no time for. Aibileen is dedicated to looking after the poor girl, the seventeenth white child she’s raised. Her own son was killed at work, where his bosses looked the other way.
Finally there’s Minny (Octavia Spencer), Aibileen’s best friend and the best damn cook in town. She’s funny and sassy, and also a black maid for one of the woman in town, Hinny (Bryce Dallas Howard). Until she’s fired and finds herself working for Celia (Jessica Chastain), the social outcast because she was born into a working-class family and she’s married to Hinny’s old boyfriend. But Celia, treats Minny with respect and like an equal, as she faces problems of her own.
The plot is about Skeeter’s plan to write a book from black maid’s perspectives. It’s set in the 60’s during a time where people were discriminated because of their skin colour.

The movie is beautiful. I loved the relationship between the maids and Skeeter, and the friendship between Minny and Celia, and the scene at the end where Celia and her husband treat Minny to a special lunch just for her. It really sheds light on how big the racism was back then and how terrible it was.
I recommend that everyone watch this movie! It was stunning. I’m very excited to go read the book now, as I’ve heard good reviews for it. I’ll give you a review when I’ve read it.

Rach, x

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The History of Advertising

So, today I’m going to take a break from my usual posts of movies and quotes to bring you The History of Advertising. This is my first assignment for my Year 10 subject; English Advertising Issues and Analysis, and it’s my first school assignment posted on my blog…so bonus points for originality!

The History of Advertising is extremely long, dating back thousands of years. Wikipedia describes Advertising as ‘a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action’. When we think of advertising, we think television commercials, ads on bus stops, and buses, billboards on the side of the freeway and basically every we look but advertising was very different back thousands of years, and it has changed dramatically over the years.

Advertising dates as far back as BC. Outdoor advertising was invented by the Egyptians  in 2000 BC, where they carved public notices into steel. The Egyptians also used papyrus to make wall posters and sale messages. Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome also used papyrus for lost and found advertisements.


Fast forward, hundreds of years to 1472 in England, where the first print ad is produced; ‘the handbill  (which is like a small printed flyer) announces a prayer book for sale’.

Almost 200 years later, in 1661, the first product branding is created – Dentrifice Tooth Gel. Another 100 years later, political ads emerged, encouraging enlistment for the American Revolution.

The eighteen hundreds was also a time of firsts. In 1835 the automobile was invented, which caused the rise of billboard ads in the US. The first product placement was in the 1873 novel by Jules Verne, ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. The first electric sign was lit in NY Time’s Square in 1882. But perhaps one of the most important changes of the 19th century became the importance and introduction of pictures, and slogans. And this was thanks to Thomas Barratt ‘the father of modern advertising’ and also the chairman of Pears Soap, the number one soap in it’s day. He is the reason modern-day advertising it the way it is. history-of-advertising3

Celebrity endorsement, which is now used in almost every movie we watch, was first introduced in 1905 by silent movie villain Fatty Arbuckle, for Murad cigarettes. The initial ‘sex sells’ slogan was used by Woodbury soap in 1911. In fact it was created for women, by a woman! Considering in the early 1900’s that woman didn’t have a lot of options for work, advertising was a way to go. The advertising companies recognised that women were the main buyers of products in their households and knew their value.images

Six years later in 1917, the American Association of Advertising Agencies was founded. Radio, something we listen to everyday, was invented in a garage near Pittsburg. That’s right; the world’s first commercial radio station -KDKA- was created in Frank Conrad’s garage in 1920.

World War II introduced the influx of propaganda, most of it racist and demeaning.  At about the same time in 1941, the earliest official TV commercial airs for 20 seconds. It cost the company -Bulova watch- just $9.Years later in 1950 the first political TV ad aired for Gov. Dewey of NY. Also in the 1950s, contests and giveaways, a good way of generating interest, became popular.history-of-advertising6

The longest running TV jingle, which is still used today, was for Mr. Clean, and it aired in 1957. Then 13 years later, the informercial was born for selling houses in San Diego.

A decade later in 1980, Calvin Klein faced controversy with a ‘sexy’ ad featuring 15 year old, Brooke Shields.  The following year 1981, the MTV was launched. But unlike nowadays where it’s full of  TV shows like ‘Jersey Shore’, when it first launched it was 24/7 of advertising music.  In 1984, Apple sets an example at the super bowl with the most expensive TV ad, which cost them $900 000.brooke-shields-calvin-klein1

In 1997, the very first mobile ad launched in Finland. Over a period of five years, from 1995- 2000, $8.2 billion invested in online ads. Then the famous Google, rolls out ad words; a pay-per-click service which now accounts for 95% of Google’s income. 2001, sees pop-up and pop-under ads fill user’s screens. They peaked in 2003, hitting 8.7% of all online ads. Then Pepsi purchases the most expensive ad campaign costing $7.53 million. It was the 90-second commercial featuring Britney Spears. YouTube launches in 2006, and launches the birth of video advertising. The same year twitter launches – real time global makes marketing & advertising, fast and free. The next year 2007, “Facebook introduces the concept of behaviour based advertising by specifically targeting users’ social interactions.” Online advertising becomes more popular and a No. 2 in terms of the advertising worldwide budget.

So, from carving public notices into steel to online ads and ads on every possible public surface, advertising has come a long way. It has definitely come a long way from the sexist and racist ads, that we wouldn’t get away with now. I was surprised myself at the way advertising has developed so swiftly. And I hope, also like myself, you have learned something from my post today!


If you’d like to see where I got my information from check out these websites:

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School; My Favourites, Least Favourites and Back-to-School Organisation Tips!

School started back for me last Thursday. I’m in Year 10 which is kind of a big year. It’s the first year of school we have exams for all our subjects. Plus, I’m also doing an advanced placement in Year 11 History of the 20th Century. 

My Favourite Subject:

At the moment it’s my advanced placement- History. Even though the workload will most likely prove to be a lot harder than my other Year 10 subjects, I’m really enjoying this class at the moment. And I’m enjoying learning about the first World War. There’s four Year Tens in my class including myself. And I’m friends with them which is good. The Year 11’s aren’t as intimidating as I thought they would be, but on our first lesson, there was a lot of ‘You’re in the wrong classroom’, especially when we weren’t on the roll, LOL. 

My Least Favourite Subject:

The way I’m feeling right now I’m gonna say my Fitness class. And that’s because I haven’t had that class (although I have it tomorrow) and because I don’t know if I’m gonna know anyone in it. Last year, the couple of friends I had in my fitness class are either not doing it or doing it at a different time. I’m pretty worried that it’s just gonna be me, and people I’m not friends with. Fitness and the Heart, is the only class I don’t know anyone in and it’s the worst to not have a friend in because we do a lot of partner stuff. So here’s to hoping it won’t be too bad and that I’ll know someone in the class! 

My Back-to-School Organisation Tips: 

  • Through my experience of high school, my number one tip is to have a planner. You might get one through school like I do. If you don’t I highly recommend you go out and buy one. Get one with a section for each day, and write down all your homework and anything you need to do or remember. If you are given an assignment, write it down on the day that you were given it and the day, so you don’t forget.

  • Another tip is to complete your homework when you get it and not leaving it to the last minute. If you get an assignment that’s due in a week, work on it a little each day and don’t put it off until the last day. It just gets you stressed and your work won’t be as good because you’ll probably rush it. 

  • When you’re in class write down everything that your teacher writes on the board (unless they specify otherwise). It might come in handy in the future. 

  • Have you been asked to take notes of what you learnt in class, or just doing it because you want to remember it? Well the key to taking good notes is to use different colours and dot points. Keep the dot points simple and neat. You can use little pictures and symbols if you want to, as long as you’ll remember what you were talking about, down the track. And make sure you use headings and sub-headings, and put the date on your notes. This way you can go back to the time you want and read over the notes for that day. 

    I hope you like my school tips! 

    Rach, x


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