The Top 3 Highlights of My Weekend

I know what your thinking ‘Why is she posting twice in one day?’ I’ll admit it’s unusual; most of the time I post a couple of times a week, if I have the time. But I was just thinking how happy I was, and how many good things have happened this weekend, that I wanted to share. And I know, I usually post my highlights on a Friday, but I can’t wait until the end of the week.

  1. Downton Abbey: Earlier this week I saw an ad on TV, advertising that Downton Abbey Season Three starts on Sunday. So in a mad rush I watched the first two seasons in a few days. And it was amazing! I love Downton. I love the cast, the stories, the era that it’s set in. In fact we were just learning about WWI, in my history class this week. And yes I know S3 has already aired overseas, but in Australia, S3 starts airingat 8:30pm, and I’m super excited so no spoilers please!


  2. My awesome dream: Last night I had the best dream. I was engaged to Matthew Crawley (played by Dan Stevens) from Downton Abbey. Matthew is played by Dan Stevens. It was beautiful. But… I can’t remember exactly what happened in it, I just remember he was so cute, and at one point we were dancing, and it was magical. And then I woke up and reality came crashing down, and it was a sad moment. I’ve become so obsessed with Downton ATM, that I’m dreaming about it too. Oh my.


  3. Warm Bodies: Today there was something on my FB news feed about Warm Bodies. A book by Isaac Marion that has been adapted for the big screen by Jonathan Levine. It was released in America and other places recently, but unfortunately it’s Australian release date is not to April. However this gives me time to read the book before I go see the film, considering I’m going to ask for the book for my birthday in March. Warm Bodies, is a ‘paranormal romantic zombie comedy film’. It’s about R (played by Nicholas Hoult), a zombie who doesn’t remember his past life, and is different from this fellow undead friends because he doesn’t enjoy eating people. But then he falls in love with a human, Julie (Teresa Palmer). And slowly he becomes warmer, and more human. The trailer looks absolutely awesome, and I am very excited to see this movie!


    Rach, x



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