About Me

Hey, my name is Rachael Maree and I will be 15 next March. I’m on summer holidays ATM, but when I go back to school I will be in Year 10.  I live in Australia, in a big house. I have a sister, who is almost 13, and the complete opposite of me. She’s popular, hates reading and wears heaps of make-up. My brother is 9, and is kind of in the middle. He likes reading, and I’m trying to persuade him to read the HP books. But at the same time, he’s also kind of popular and has lots of friends. My parents drive me crazy half the time, and don’t get my sense of humour, but they’re alright. I also have a dog, named Archie.  He’s a blue healer, and cute, and harmless, and he’s six, I believe, although none of my family knows exactly when his birthday is.

I actually made a lot of new friends this year, which is surprising for me, but it’s been a pretty good year. But my best friends are Emma, Tash and Brittany, and they’re cool, and nice, and make me laugh.

My favourite TV show right now? Well, it changes all the time, but would have to be Supernatural. I just finished watching Season 7, and I love it. Dean and Sam are the cutest!

My favourite book? Wow, this is hard. I love to read, and I usually finish books in a few days so it’s hard to say. But I’m a big Harry Potter fan, and a Hunger Games fan! Infact I run a Facebook HG fanpage,  which you should all go like!

I hate people who judge others before they get to know them and hate myself when I do it so don’t judge me. Hope you can get to know me better through my blog and relate to me :).

Rach, x.



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