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Hey! Sorry that I’ve rarely been posting! I’ve just been overwhelmed with homework and I have exams in two weeks! 

And my friend and I have also started up a new blog called allyouneedtosucceed.wordpress.com which you should all go like! We’ll be posting some short stories we’ve written, some writing tips and ideas, maybe some book and movie reviews and more! And if you also enjoy writing you can send us in your writing, for us to read it, or even post it on the blog! 

Hopefully I’ll be posting a bit more soon! 


Rach, x




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School; My Favourites, Least Favourites and Back-to-School Organisation Tips!

School started back for me last Thursday. I’m in Year 10 which is kind of a big year. It’s the first year of school we have exams for all our subjects. Plus, I’m also doing an advanced placement in Year 11 History of the 20th Century. 

My Favourite Subject:

At the moment it’s my advanced placement- History. Even though the workload will most likely prove to be a lot harder than my other Year 10 subjects, I’m really enjoying this class at the moment. And I’m enjoying learning about the first World War. There’s four Year Tens in my class including myself. And I’m friends with them which is good. The Year 11’s aren’t as intimidating as I thought they would be, but on our first lesson, there was a lot of ‘You’re in the wrong classroom’, especially when we weren’t on the roll, LOL. 

My Least Favourite Subject:

The way I’m feeling right now I’m gonna say my Fitness class. And that’s because I haven’t had that class (although I have it tomorrow) and because I don’t know if I’m gonna know anyone in it. Last year, the couple of friends I had in my fitness class are either not doing it or doing it at a different time. I’m pretty worried that it’s just gonna be me, and people I’m not friends with. Fitness and the Heart, is the only class I don’t know anyone in and it’s the worst to not have a friend in because we do a lot of partner stuff. So here’s to hoping it won’t be too bad and that I’ll know someone in the class! 

My Back-to-School Organisation Tips: 

  • Through my experience of high school, my number one tip is to have a planner. You might get one through school like I do. If you don’t I highly recommend you go out and buy one. Get one with a section for each day, and write down all your homework and anything you need to do or remember. If you are given an assignment, write it down on the day that you were given it and the day, so you don’t forget.

  • Another tip is to complete your homework when you get it and not leaving it to the last minute. If you get an assignment that’s due in a week, work on it a little each day and don’t put it off until the last day. It just gets you stressed and your work won’t be as good because you’ll probably rush it. 

  • When you’re in class write down everything that your teacher writes on the board (unless they specify otherwise). It might come in handy in the future. 

  • Have you been asked to take notes of what you learnt in class, or just doing it because you want to remember it? Well the key to taking good notes is to use different colours and dot points. Keep the dot points simple and neat. You can use little pictures and symbols if you want to, as long as you’ll remember what you were talking about, down the track. And make sure you use headings and sub-headings, and put the date on your notes. This way you can go back to the time you want and read over the notes for that day. 

    I hope you like my school tips! 

    Rach, x


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